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Guaranteed Sales means our company is committed to replacing any slow moving or damaged products with new merchandise, and removing any excess merchandise (overstocks) from promotions or seasonal activity as long as you are doing business with Petrey Novelty, Inc. *

Our Policy

We at Petrey will always work to see that your stores are stocked with the latest fads at competitive prices. We would like the opportunity to serve you and to put our OTC/Novelty Sales organization to work for you. We know in order for our investment in our people, merchandise inventory, and display aids to grow and be successful, we must help you, the customer, achieve your sales gross profits objectives.

*Guaranteed Sales does not include the return of empty packages or the removal of working stock inventory that is used by the store or their employees. Guaranteed Sales does not include the removal of working inventory if the retailer begins business with another supplier except to pick up racks that we had furnished.

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